Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas Eve!

It's cold.
It snowed.
The ground is covered in white.
The PERFECT Christmas Eve.
Sitting in the living room with my husband and my dogs.
Mary is with her mom on Christmas Eve....

My Christmas gift from my parents is in the basement.
A treadmill they gave us money for a few months ago.
I bought on Craigslist, it's pretty nice actually.
I've used it... a few times... since August.

My gift from Jerry is on my finger.
He took a ring of my Grandma's and had it reset for me.
It's an opal.
I held back tears when he gave it to me.
It is a birthday and Christmas present.
So we sit here on Christmas Eve, looking at the presents under our tree.
There is not a lot.
Mary got a few things from Dad and Holly, some expensive, some not.
Jerry has a few gifts from me, but his main gift is a new smoker/grill, which we do not have yet.
As I said, my gift is on my finger.
I love it
I love it.

We look at our tree, with very few presents under it,  thinking we should have bought more.
There is thought.
There is love.
There is need/want in those gifts.
Even though the tree is not as full as we are accustomed to; it has gifts under it.
Some people don't even have that.

I know as kids we got a lot of toys and things, probably more than what my parents should have gotten us.
But it seems to be the universal symbol, that a Christmas tree is not REALLY a Christmas tree unless the gifts are PILED up beneath it.
The 3 gifts I  remember most are:
1. Red Rider Wagon (metal, not that plastic shit. Still have till this day.)
2. Chris Mutt (holiday animal Target had every year. Still have till this day.)
3. Mr. Cart.... a cart with three 'levels' that I pushed around the house (and still have till this day.)

But I don't remember much else when it comes to gifts.

I remember the scents, the people, the warmth.
F--- the gifts.
Give me those memories, the family together, the good food, the happiness that comes with the holidays.
I rather have a tree that is bare of gifts, then a house with no family.

Can I get an Amen?

 Merry the Eve of Christmas.
And please know, that the lack of gifts, never has to mean a lack of love.
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