Monday, September 21, 2015

F#ck Cancer

I got an email from a good friend today that an old co-worker of mine passed away last night.
I hadn't seen him in a few years.
Hadn't seen him since he was diagnosed with cancer.
My friend is obviously upset, as this guy was pretty awesome.
He was a dad, husband, friend and one of those co-workers that was always smiling.
I didn't know him well.
But I know he will be greatly missed by everyone that knew him.
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A old friend and co-worker was diagnosed with colon cancer years back.
She is having to have surgery again to remove some questionable looking spots. (from what I understand)
As she wrote on FB "Going to be a little more tricky than the first time as he will have scar tissue to work with and because my organs have been previously operated and disturbed. He says he'll ultrasound the entire liver to make sure he got everything."
She is the mother of two, married to a great guy and an all around good person.
We aren't close, but I care for her.
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A friend I worked with in my early 20's (who I haven't seen in years)...her teenage daughter is battling cancer.
This is her FB post from earlier:  "Without a successful surgery, Kenzy's life expectancy goes from below 20% to 0%. This is the ugly truth about Osteo when there is recurrence. We are not looking at statistics cause Kenzy proved all the doctors wrong last time."
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This all came across my email/social media today.
I can't even imagine what ANY of these situations would feel like.
All I know is I am hoping and thinking of those that are fighting and those that have been left behind.
I know it's set me back emotionally - thinking of all these wonderful people.
Makes one think.
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