Friday, September 11, 2015

A Few Random Things

To start out, I love my new job.
I notice so many things about kids.
How they act.
Tell tall tales... constantly.
And pick their noses...constantly
I never thought I was a patient person, but I have proven myself wrong.
One of my students calls me Mrs. Crazy (or Mrs. Cray Cray - and it's just between us).
She thinks I'm so funny, silly and, well, crazy.
Which I like, because she still respects me, we have fun with her school work and we still follow all the rules.
Today I didn't feel the best and when taking her to the bus she looks at me and says,
"I know you said you don't feel good today, but I hope Mrs. Crazy is back on Monday, ok?"
And she left me with a big smile.
I'm making an impact.
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I'm teaching Mary about the important things in life.
Need To Breathe, my favorite band.
We listen to it in the car and she likes most of the songs, sings a long to a lot of them.
It makes me happy.
We have started watching the first Harry Potter movie - and she is actually into it!
Loves all the magic, the mystery, the what if's...
I love that she likes it.
There are actually a lot of great life lessons in Harry Potter... besides just learning how to ride a broom and play quidditch.
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She watched Captain America 2 and The Avengers... she thought Avengers was a little boring.
I am slowly, but surely converting her to a nerd.
And I'm SOOOO proud.