Sunday, September 20, 2015

There Is No Place I Rather Be... (LAMBEAU!!)

My aunts and uncles (and a couple cousins) are at Lambeau as I type this blog.
They are watching the greatest team ever: The Green Bay Packers.

In November my Grandpa passed away.
It was a little expected....
But it's never easy.
My Grandpa was a very intelligent man.
Loved his beer.
Loved his Packers.

He would always give us a dollar and walk us to the corner store when we visited in Texas.
We would buy candy cigarettes.
It wasn't frowned upon then... and they were yummy.

My mom and dad, her brothers and sisters, with their significant others (and a couple cousins), are at the game tonight to say "Goodbye", to my Grandpa.

I know he's happy that his kids are gathered together, in Green Bay, cheering on the Packers.

I hope the Packers take the win.
But if they don't... I still know the power behind the Frederick family, the memory of my Grandpa and the night game at Lambeau is one that my family at the game will remember and cherish forever.

I know, sitting on my couch in Iowa, that I will always remember it also.

I love you, family.
I love the Packers.
Lets do this! GO PACK GO!