Friday, August 28, 2015

First Few Days of School

I started a new job this week helping 5.6 hours a day at Mary's elementary school.
I'm a Special Education Associate.
I help kids, one on one, or in the classroom, through out the day.
I am enjoying it.
My days go fast.
I get to help kids that need it.
And I'm surrounded by awesome people.
I won't get in to the in's and out's of what I do or who I help, but getting a smile or a thumbs up from one of my students is all the reward I need.

I noticed something on the first day of school that I thought was kind of comical.
You probably would notice it also if you looked at all the first day of school pictures.
Girls get dressed up in nice clothes, probably new, hair bows and fancy shoes.
Boys are in athletic shorts and Nike shirts.
Granted, they might be new, but it's so casual.
There was one GQ boy with a button up shirt under a nice sweater - but he was the only one.

Here is an example of what the boys look like the first day of school (image is not mine, I do not know these kids.)

Here are the girls: (again not my picture... not my kids)

*I'm not exaggerating...

It's also interesting to see how kids behave with each other.
I'm learning a lot and I really hope I do well at this position.
It's challenging.
It will be rewarding.

* I might be SLIGHTLY exaggerating.