Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Belt = 0; The Curb = 1; The Hospital = 2 nights

Ohhhh what a long strange trip it's been....

Last week... my first week of  The Belt 'challenge', I did fairly well. I was more mindful of what I ate and I went walking around the neighborhood. Nothing crazy, but more than I had been doing, but still, I should have done more.
On Saturday I went to Ankeny Unplugged, an all day concert in Ankeny (duh), with my friend Niki.
It was a nice setting, not busy at all..., ok music for the most part, but what was really good was the conversation.
We got there about 12:30ish... we left about 5:30ish.
When we left we walked to Firetrucker, a near by brewery where we had a free drink ticket.
At one point I attempted to turn in my flip flops, on a curb..... ankle bent one way, leg stayed straight.
O.M.G. I have never sprained anything in my life, but mother f***** it hurt like a b****.
I am a trooper though...I mean Niki and I made it to the brewery for our free drink (11% beer that tastes like a Moscow mule, served in a Moscow Mule cup).
I was in a bit of pain, but not horrible... the night went on and all was well.
(The Belt = 0, The Curb = 1)

Mary's 8th birthday party was on Sunday evening at a near by park.
My ankle hurt, but I was set and ready for Mary's birthday party.
Thing was she didn't feel the greatest, had a slight fever and didn't want any food.
She wanted to lay around.
Anyone that knows Mary knows that her laying around is not something that happens.
We moved her party to her mom's house so she would be out of the heat and near a place she could rest if she needed to and she was fine for some of it.
Then... not so fine.
She threw up.
The party ended after most people ate pizza and cake and she did have enough energy to open some presents.
I went home to ice my ankle, Jerry went to play practice and Mary was with her mom and step-dad, still not feeling well.
About an hour later Amanda (Mary's mom) called and said she was throwing up and was running a temp of 103. "We are taking her to the ER, do you want to come?"
They came and got me and we went to the ER....
Time went by, tests were run, IV's, meds.... etc.
Jerry came up after play practice (keep in mind he is the greatest dad ever and I told him to stay at the play as she was doing fine and we were totally going to be going home soon).
THEN....she was admitted to the hospital.
She was so sick.
Mary has a VERY HIGH pain tolerance.
This girl is bruised.
Jumps off things constantly.
Falls off things constantly.
Get's up and does it all again.
It takes A LOT to cause her REAL pain.
She was not her.
Mary is spunky and always on the go.
She's witty and wonderful and challenging (for me).
She's my daughter... my baby.
And there were a couple of times, sitting next to her when she was calling out in pain, that her mom and I were close to tears, if not crying, because we couldn't do anything to help.
She is the only child I have and she is my baby, even if she didn't come from me....
On a side note:
Jerry, and I were there.
Mary's mom Amanda and stepdad Marcus were there.
Most of the time the 4 of us were in the room.
Certain times nurses and doctors asked about the family dynamic since us 4 were there and we get along.
They were surprised, all of them, that we were ex's and steps.
That we got along so well.
At first we thought it was kind of comical.
Thought we'd say one was the mom, one was the grandma.
Thought we'd say one of the guys was Mormon and had sister wives.
And then we realized....
No one understood we were ex's and steps... because we all get along so well.
It's sad that WE are abnormal.
That the fact that we put the child's happiness before hurt feelings or bad breakups.
I have gone out with my husbands ex wife for a beer.
We talk about our daughter.
His ex has always been good to me.
Welcomed me.
We have always put Mary's happiness ahead of petty differences and we always will.
We may not look at things the same, may not have the same household or be anything a like, but we have an (almost) 8 year old that we want to have a happy, healthy childhood.
You find that common ground and the petty shit that divorced couples fight over is just so selfish.

Mary was at the hospital Sunday night till Tuesday afternoon.
No clear answer what was wrong.
Drugs, antibiotics, she eventually started to feel better.
She even helped the nurse take her IV thingy out... (yes that is the technical term).
And finally, we were able to go home.
Mary was so happy and so were we.
There is a lot of stress that comes with a child in the hospital.
I can not even imagine how REALLY sick kids and families handle it.
She was poked, had an IV, blood drawn... plus bandaids from all her 'normal' injuries...
But she is tough.
She is amazing.
She is sooooo loved.
So really The Hospital didn't win this round.
Mary did.
Mary = Amazing