Friday, August 14, 2015

So I have....

So I have a husband that is pretty amazing.
And what I see/read on facebook is everyone's husband is pretty amazing.
I'm glad that is what most of my friends have.
There are also friends that I see that NEVER mention their husbands.
For whatever reason, that is what the choose to not post.

I, however, will brag about my husband until I'm unfriended by everyone.
Because he is amazing.
In November my husband let me quit my corporate job.
I got a part time job at my beautiful friends salon.
I made a lot less money.
I worked a lot less hours.
I got in a funk....
My husband however continued to climb up in his company and received a promotion that he longed for.
He worked for.
He deserves.

My husband....
He makes mistakes at times or gets overly passionate about things...
But in my eyes, he is perfect.....

He spent the last month and a half, 6 days a week, away from me.
Away from Mary.
To be in a play.
Not just any play.
A play about black men in the military.
About what they have had to make happen for themselves.
How hard they had to work to even be included in FIGHTING for the country that they wanted to fight for....
It's a beautiful, yet sad, and at the same time, so completely relevant in todays society, piece of work.

My husband....
He is brave.
Devoted and loyal.

He plays a character in this play that even his mom said "that is not the man I raised"....
He plays his character to a T.
You love him.
But you hate him.

I have had friends and family show their support of Jerry in this play.
My Monthly Brunchly is going tomorrow.
My dear friend that I used to work with is going on Wednesday.
My family's going this weekend.
A group of us are going to the final show.

We are surrounded by loving, caring, supportive family and friends.
There are not enough words for me to explain how proud I am to have such an amazing man as my husband.

If you have not made it yet, or purchased your tickets yet, you should.