Monday, January 18, 2016

He's Amazing

My husband, he is amazing.
He has a very important roll at Nationwide.
He is a father.
He is my husband.
He takes his personal time to pursue a 'acting career'... :)

On the 23rd, he has his opening night of "Caucus: The Musical"....
He's playing a Presidential Candidate.
It's advertised on the big screen outside of the Civic Center.
This is a big deal people....a big deal.

He comes home from a stressful job.
He eats dinner and checks on me and Mary.
He heads to rehearsal.
6 days a week for the last few weeks.

I'm so proud of him.
It takes a confident person to enter the world of entertainment.
He takes it very seriously, but has so much fun.
In August he did The Soldiers Play.
It was amazing.
He did sooooo awesome.

Now he's doing Caucus, and even though completely different then the last play he did, he's enjoying all of it.
Mary and I miss him.
It's hard when he is gone so much, but I know when we see him on stage, singing, dancing, enjoying all of it, it's totally worth it.

My husband is amazing.
I am continually proud of him, admire him and have his back.

I hope everyone takes the opportunity to go see the play.
It's going to be awesome!

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