Wednesday, June 15, 2016

If You Can't Say Something Nice... Shut Your F*cking Mouth

So much is going on in our world right now.
Bad things - because that is all the media reports.
I'm sure there are thousands of AMAZING things going on... but that type of news doesn't pay.
The shooting in Orlando.
The shooting at the Kenyan University.

A child at Disney World, that was dragged into the water by a alligator.

I can't imagine any of these situations.
I can't imagine how anyone involved must have felt.
Must still be feeling.

Besides the act themselves, the comments break my heart.
"Well, they were at a gay night club, who cares?"
"It's Africa, they always have violence."
"Where were the parents during this attack from an alligator. They obviously should have been watching closer because most people on a Disney vacation think of alligators attacking, outside of the Peter Pan area."

Yes... it makes COMPLETE sense to blame the people the violence happened to.
Oh, I'm sorry, you were at a gay night club with your loved one? (boy/boy, girl/girl, boy/girl) From what I have seen all sexualities were at this club, celebrating, dancing, having a regular fucking night out! Yet.... they are at fault because they were there.
Because none of them had a gun to shoot back.
Completely their fault.

I go to school.
I go to class.
I am preparing myself for the future.
However, I was not prepared for someone to come kill over 100 people on my campus!
My bad.
I totally should have known that would happen.

Disney vaca.
Saved for a year, picked the perfect place.
So happy, playing.
Slides, people, open water....
A fucking alligator.
Who in their right or left mind would have EVER thought about an alligator coming and grabbing their child?
It's not even a thought in most parents minds.
Especially at a resort. (as I understand it was, but could be proven wrong).

But yes people behind the computer,
lets blame the parents, the guns, the school.
Lets comment on how you would have done everything SOOOO differently.
Talk shit about all these people, their life choices, their love choices, their vacation choices.
Do it all behind the comment section on a computer.

Or man the fuck up and say it to one of their faces.
You have NO idea.
You will never have the WHOLE story, because that is not what the media provides.

I hope you never have to go through anything so horrible.
Yet, at the same time, I'd love to see how you handle the situations and the aftermath of comments from strangers in the comments sections of the news story.

Empathy.... Empathy.
Not blame.
Empathy for the people going through these situations.
It's sad that the 'greatest' country in the world.... has NO empathy.

1. the ability to share and understand feelings of another.

Please think before you comment.