Tuesday, June 16, 2015

3 Years

I've always liked receiving cards.
Cards for birthdays.
Cards for holidays.
Cards for no reason.
My husband knows this about me.
His life is busy... he works as a manager at a major insurance company.
He stays in touch with his large family.
He raises his 7 year old daughter.
He keeps me balanced.
Keeps me whole.
And he still remembers I love cards.

He left early this morning to go on a work trip in sunny, hot, Arizona.
Last night as we lay in bed, he got a card out of his night stand.
It has a cute owl on it, a little bit of glitter and his special handwritten message about today.
Today is the 3 year anniversary of when we became an official couple.
We both commented that it had ONLY been 3 years!
It seems like a lot longer.
Not in a bad way.... in a.... 'I don't recall a time when he wasn't there' way.

Anyone that knows my husband knows that he is strong, determined, intelligent, loyal, honest and proud.
He is passionate about his life, takes his 'job' as a husband and father seriously, but with that spark of fun that one needs.
He is silly, LOVES to be the center of attention, and knows the lyrics to 96% of all songs (not country).
He is beautiful.... beautiful!
Color of mocha, dark brown eyes, big strong arms and a smile I love to see.
He is my best friend, my soul mate, my secret keeper.
He's the only man that knows ME and still loves ME.

Only 3 years.... the 3 best years of my life.