Monday, June 22, 2015

30 Is Almost Old

Recently while working at the salon, two women started talking about their adult kids.
Who was married, who was about to get married, grandchildren, etc.
One of the ladies mentioned that her daughter was getting married in about a month and she expects a grandchild 9 months later.
I chimed in and said "Exactly 9 months!" in a joking way.
She laughed and then said seriously:

"Well they are getting older, they are almost 30."

I'm sorry... what?

Since when was ALMOST 30 old?

I'm 34.
I don't have biological kids.

Saying things like this bothers me for a couple reasons.

1. No one needs pressure from the outside of their relationship to have babies. What if this OLD couple wants to be married a few years first or maybe they don't want kids at all... then they have people constantly telling them, asking them, ordering them to have a baby now.

2. What if this daughter who is SO old, isn't able to get pregnant right away? What if she struggles with fertility (I know many people that have). Then she will have everyone asking her. "When are you having babies?" putting even more stress on an already stressful situation for the woman.

I have friends and family that had kids at all ends of the age spectrum, 18 to 40.
Some were planned, some were not.

All I know is saying almost 30 is getting old when wanting to have children, makes us OLDER ladies that wait to get married and wait to have children a little angry.

Just watch what you say people...
I'm not saying you have to walk on egg shells all the time, but you NEVER know the struggles people around you are having.