Friday, July 17, 2015

Dear Brendan

What up dork?
It's been awhile, huh?
Lots has happened here while you've been gone.
I got married... did you know that?
It might have taken some getting used to, cause you never liked anyone I dated, but you would like him.
He has a 7... almost 8 year old daughter.
Can you imagine that... me a step-mom?
It's crazy.
Sometimes I have a hard time with it.
Sometimes I'm more immature than her.... but I try.
I think she likes me.

It's been a long time since you've been in my life.
It was really hard when you first left.
I cried a lot.
Sometimes when I was alone I would cry for long periods of time.
Spider pig aka Rocky was worried about me.

I catch myself thinking about you.... mostly when I am driving somewhere.
So many things we did together as friends.
So many things we experienced as roommates.
So many things I wish you were still around to see.

The thing about time....
The thing about life....
Is that things change.

I will always think of you.
I will always be sad that I never see you anymore.
But I will always be ok because of my friends.
My family.
My husband.

You were so YOU.
And I loved that.
And I miss you.

I hope you are looking down on Jerry and me and you are happy for us.
I heart him.

I miss you and always will.
Happy birthday, my far away friend.
Happy birthday.

Holly Marie Brantley