Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Seven Deadly Sins - #4 Envy


noun en·vy \ˈen-vē\
: the feeling of wanting to have what someone else has
: someone or something that causes envy
Envy... now that's a good deadly sin.
How many of us have looked at someone and thought - wow... they have everything I want.
That is envy.
How many time have us woman been in line at a grocery store, looked at the cover of a magazine and regardless of who is on it thought, wow, I wish I could be them.
They are tall, skinny, pretty, rich.
Granted, their lives are probably just as messed up as the rest of us.
I've looked at friends and envied them.
How they have no fear.
How they take charge and don't worry what people think of them.
I envy my sisters for having children and remaining skinny.
I envy my husband for knowing who he is and never straying from his beliefs.
For having the courage to try something new and to go after what he wants.
I envy people that quit their corporate jobs to chase their dreams, whatever they may be.
I envy people that don't stress and worry and just DO.
I envy people that have never dealt with depression and have no idea how it feels.
I envy people that have never lost a love one unexpectedly.
I envy people that don't even try to have kids and pop them out like it's their job.
As much as I may feel envy, I wouldn't change my life.
I know behind all those things I envy, are problems and life stories, just like me.
As much as some people look like they have it all together... they don't.
Everyone envy's people from time to time... and then you may learn the truth.
I had some married friends, who I thought were the best couples, I wanted that.
I envied them.
Those married friends aren't together anymore.
It woke me up.
Don't envy what you don't understand.
There is ALWAYS more to a person, a story, a situation, a behavior then what you see.
I'm going to work on not being so envious.
I think we all should.
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