Tuesday, July 7, 2015

All in the Family Cruise

My beautiful little family flew down to Miami on July 1st, to then take off on our cruise on July 2nd.
We went with Jerry's moms side of the family.
It was fun!
We were in Miami for a day and checked out Bayside that a friend had recommended.
We ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp Company - or as Troy called it, Bubba Shrimps.

Service stunk, food was decent.
We then walked around and enjoyed the HOT Miami weather.
Mary was lucky and got some Haggen Dawgs (spelling is completely wrong.. I know).

On Thursday we took to the cruise ship and set sail for Key West.
In Key West, after a very long and hot tempered walk, we went to a restaurant that friends had recommened called La Te Da.
It was good!! We told Mary to wipe her hands off and she said she couldn't because she didn't have a napkin.
We told her the white cloth was her napkin.
She was surprised!
She then told us she didn't want to stain the white napkin. :-)

The next day we went to Cozumel and surprised Mary with an early birthday present of swimming with the dolphins, Jerry and I did it too!
She was SOOO excited and it was SOOOO amazing!!

The ship had all sorts of activities, Jerry and Deb both got medals for singing and dancing on stage during the Motown sing along.
Jerry was told to do his sexiest dance... Mary was so embarrassed!  :)
They had a huge 4th of July party on the deck!
They played the Women's World Cup Game in one of the bars, and that was awesome to watch in a large group of people!

We ate.
And ate.
And ate. 

We had so much fun with his family, and I have about 400 more pictures, but figured this was a good summary. :-)
Thank you Lewis family for the great family trip!
Love to you all!