Sunday, July 12, 2015

I Might Make You Vomit

I went to dinner with my beautiful husband tonight and as he was looking down at his phone at our schedules the next few weeks.
I thought to myself.
He is so gorgeous.
Those dark eyes.
That charming smile.
His wonderful conversational skills.
We talked about some 'projects' he has going.
We talked about time with and without Mary.

We had a couple beers.
Shared an appetizer.
Ate our food.
And talked.

People from time to time have said they can't just sit and talk to their significant other.
That they don't have enough to talk about.
They say they can't travel with just their person...
They need to travel with a group of people.

Jerry and I love our time together.
We always find things to talk about.
I love traveling... which has made Jerry love traveling.
With or without friends and family.
We always love it.

I'm lucky to find someone that loves just chilling and talking like I do.
I'm lucky that he enjoys discovering new things with me.
I love that he loves spoiling me.

In the next month or two, you will all discover another side of him.
I'm proud of him.
I'm in awe of him.
I can't believe I'm lucky enough to be the woman by his side.

You may now vomit over our love and awesomeness. :)